Contiuous Improvement Quality - Culture

You cannot improve what you do not measure. Amer-Trans Logistics is dedicated to measuring our performance, working with our customers to improve the speed of information, providing accurate data and doing it right the first time. Process flows and defined customer SLA’s allow our operations team to manage the day to day business with continuous improvement and operational excellence that all drive towards a happy customer.

We seek to eliminate waste through a LEAN management approach. Cutting time, cost and streamlining communication creates a long-term approach to continuous improvement.

Sourcing Cost Efficient, Quality

Quality Cost

In today’s economy, supply chains face complex challenges. One of those challenges is selecting a logistics partner with proven success in navigating this diverse landscape. Strategically selecting, effectively integrating and continually evaluating is how Amer-Trans delivers cost-efficient, quality solutions.

Sourcing, Quality and Supplier Development:

  • Regular Quality Checks
  • Supplier Audits
  • Customer satisfaction audits
  • Supplier qualification, profiling and rating program
  • Negotiating on prices and conditions
  • Purchase Order management
  • KPI/SLA analysis

Innovative & Flexible

Innovation is the way we introduce something new and unprecedented that challenges expectations. Flexibility is our ability to cope with changes in design of product or service, or with variations in volume and variety of demand. It is with both of these high standards in mind that Amer-Trans assembles talented teams, makes advancements in technology and deploys right solutions everyday.


Customers are the heart of our business, therefore it’s critical to understand their definition of success. Listening, working in conjunction with our customers we develop processes to meet and support those goals. Reporting results daily against mutually agreed upon KPI’s keeps the reporting tangible allowing Amer-Trans Logistics to focus on the details to achieve success.