Portal Tracking

Customer Portal Access

At Amer-Trans Logistics we understand accurate, real-time data visibility is the key to making strategic business decisions quickly. Through our client web portal you will gain instant access to your data when you want it. We give you the ability to track:


  • Item, lot or piece
  • Warehouse location


  • Load status


  • Receipts
  • Shipments
  • History by item
  • Order Entry

KPI/Dashboard Reporting:

  • Standard KPIs
  • Customized KPIs
  • Export data to Excel or PDF

Accountability Tracking & Routing Optimization

The strength of Amer-Trans Logistics lies within our people. It is with that in mind that we customize our technology solution to make them better. Utilizing our workflow and routing optimization engine we are able to prioritize tasks, optimize routes and shipping lanes, and continuously offer our employees, partners and clients the latest technology solutions on the market.

Accountability Tracking Key Features:

  • Prioritize tasks based on predetermined variables
  • User prompts to minimize human error
  • Measure supplier performance based on customer SLA’s
  • Results reporting

Routing Optimization Key Features:

  • Customizable carrier preference rules
  • Customizable routing rules to manage the flow of freight through cross-docks or warehouses
  • Customizable routes for peddle runs
  • Reduce overall costs while reducing cost-per-mile
  • Route trips by most efficient pickups and deliveries