Reverse Logistics

Asset Recovery/Reverse Logistics

As companies look to advance with new technology, Amer-Trans Logistics offers a cost effective reverse logistics solution to refurbish or recycle used IT equipment. With data security being a primary concern, Amer-Trans Logistics has implemented numerous supply chain protocols to protect your data while in-transit.


Asset Recovery Key Features

As with our “forward logistics,” Amer-Trans’ reverse logistics services add value to your operations by providing custom solutions that optimize recovery and streamline the supply chain. From compliance to security and inventory, our asset recovery services are backed by years of experience and a commitment to mutual success.


Reverse logistics

We seamlessly reverse the supply chain process to help you manage your aftermarket digital and IT equipment.


Data security

From best-in-class service providers to dedicated IT security professionals, numerous supply chain protocols keep your data completely private.


Dedicated recovery specialist

From testing to recycling and refurbishment, our recovery specialists can get you the best value from your equipment and reduce waste.


Order management

Order management makes it easy to get rid of your old equipment quickly, and upgrade your servers, phone, internet, data storage, and more.


Daily reporting

Amer-Trans is your partner in reverse logistics. Our team works closely with you to keep expectations aligned and progress monitored.



Asset Recovery Key Features:

  • Reverse logistics
  • Data security
  • Dedicated recovery specialist
  • Order management
  • Daily reporting

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