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Amer-Trans Logistics’ flexible and scalable time-critical solutions are a perfect fit for the service parts logistics (SPL) and market deployment suited for the aggressive uptime demands of the telecom industry. For each engagement, Amer-Trans Logistics develops a customized program based on the unique requirements of that client. Utilizing our IT platform, Amer-Trans Logistics provides granular visibility that enables clients to optimize inventory positioning to meet SLA commitments. Inventory is strategically allocated through an expansive network of locations around the US and Canada to meet both short-term rollouts and long-term demand. Next business day and scheduled deliveries can be coordinated as needed.

Amer-Trans Logistics delivers dramatic cost savings and exceptional bottom-line results. By locating inventory close to market deployment, Amer-Trans Logistics reduces transportation costs and accelerates on-time performance, so field engineers can focus on their work
Amer-Trans Logistics specializes in the operation of supply chain solutions for telecom.  These solutions comprise deployment services that are for market roll-outs, maintenance, upgrade of telecom network infrastructure, and network support services for post-deployment lifecycle management.

Amer-Trans Logistics sets up short-term warehousing, inventory control and distribution centers in each market for deployment to provide consolidation of vendor product, real-time inventory and quality control.  Short-term space is fluid, so that when the deployment is finished the space is no longer required. Finally, Amer-Trans Logistics offers a custom website for 24/7 access to real time inventory, shipment in transit, and complete delivery information.

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